December 23

Christmas No. 3

[All of Nate's extended family on his Dad's side]

We met for dinner over at Scott and Christie's house, which has a fabulous space for family gatherings. We hung out for awhile and chatted, ate dinner, and then moved into the living room to hear the Christmas story and open presents. It was a nice evening - we enjoyed ourselves!

Below are pictures of the dining room/kitchen, another fancy self-portrait, Rick and Karen enjoying their dinner, Richard squashed between Rick and Grandma Jo, Aidan hiding in the pantry, Jeff, Tara, and Dawson listening to Linda share the Christmas story, and, finally, Aidan adding his two-cents to how the story was being acted out.

We found out that night that two of Linda and Rudy's girls, Tara and Mendi, are both expecting - so if you guys ever check this, congratulations! We're excited for you!


*FARMERS* said...

i would like to see the pics from our gift exchange...so that i can steal them! :) i was also wondering if you could mail me the burned CD with all the pics on it. adam wants to give his mom one of the pics of us. are you settling back into the routine now that the holidays are over?? i am sad i have to go back to school monday:( it seems like break flew by! love you friend!

*FARMERS* said...

ok...you need to go to my blog and tell me what you think! i made some changes :) how is everything going?? i will try to call you sometime this week.

Stephen said...

And now I'm sad.