Another Tree Cutting Adventure

If you know me at all, you know how much I love Christmas, but especially Christmas trees! And you probably know how far in advance I tend to plan on cutting the next one down - 364 days.

For all of the Christmases I can actually remember, my parents, Rae Ann, and I would chop our tree down under the power lines up on Mt. Hood. As Rae Ann and I have married, we've included our husbands (and her kids) in the tradition. But this year was a bit of a bust.

We made it up to the ranger station to buy our permits ($5!!!) and the promise of snow became a reality...it was beautiful! We headed up one of the logging roads to find our trees, but first we stopped and dropped off Tom and Rae Ann's Element so they and the girls could climb into Dad and Mom's truck with Nate and I.

I really wish I'd taken a picture of what came next. This is the first year (that I remember) where we weren't able to make it up the mountain. Like six cars had become stuck, all right together in a little pile-up, so we couldn't go high enough to cut trees. The permits for tree cutting have tree height and elevation limitations, so you need to drive up pretty high before you start chopping anything down.

So, we turned around and headed back to the Element. We had a grand snow ball fight, which included nearly everyone (little Ivy being the exception...for the most part! I nailed her bum once or twice). Check out Rae Ann's blog for some of her funny family details :)

We parted ways with Rae Ann and Tom (her blog explains why) and so Nate and I set out with Mom and Dad to find a tree farm. It made me sad! I got confused by all the sameness! This years Christmas tree, I regret to say, is quite cookie cutter. But that's okay. It's still pretty...It's just not the same! I'm going to post a picture of last year's tree in contrast with this years, just so you can see the differences for yourself!

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