Today has been a great day.

I started work at 4:15 this morning at Starbucks, and everyone and their mother came by for coffee. It was chaos. I was jogging back and forth from one end of the counter to the bar, taking drink orders, writing cups, and prepping drinks for Erin (assistant manager), who was working the milk side of the bar. At one point I realized I had pulled the wrong shots for a drink, so in my haste to make a quick cup switch, I dropped the mocha. The cup hit the counter and shot the mocha syrup and milk all over the top half of me, and then it hit the floor upside down and splashed the bottom half of me. All I could do was stand there, dripping.

It was lovely! I had mocha from my nose to my toes...literally. My work clothes are going through the wash right now.

After my shift was over, Nate met me at Starbucks and we followed each other to the Nordstrom's side of the mall to meet Grandma and Grandpa Mac for lunch...they were taking us out for my 25th b-day. Since I was at the mall, I thought I'd finish up a few odd errands I had been wanting to get done before Christmas (which, technically, begins for us on Saturday, Dec. 22, and doesn't end until the 26th, I think - I know I've lost my mind). The drive home was r.i.d.i.c.u.l.o.u.s. I hate the mall. More than that, I hate the traffic.

So this is a picture of what I encountered on the home stretch. I was on my way from the freeway up Hwy. 212 toward our neighborhood, and this is where I sat for what felt like forever. Gag. I realize this post has been really lame, so I apologize. I wish I had taken a picture of the mocha madness - that would have cheered everyone up!

I wish you all the merriest of Christmases!


*FARMERS* said...

hahaha! your blog made me laugh! :) my mom was complaining about what a bitch they had helping them at Kohl's, and i was like "Tis the season!" ;) everyone puts on their best colors for the holidays to run people over with carts, scream at each other in traffic, and race around the stores to get the PERFECT gifts! i just have to laugh...i find it amusing. i really have to or it will kill all my christmas spirit :) adam and i have to go to the mall sunday...umm, ok, who is the crazy one now!?! clackamas town center the weekend before christmas! good times...thanks again for the funny blog :) love you!

GrannyNanny said...

I hate the mall,too. AND holiday traffic.
But we can't let it ruin our Christmas spirit now, can we? (Trying to convince myself)
I hope you thoroughly enjoy your 4 days of Christmas!

GrannyNanny said...

Oops - it would be FIVE days of Christmas, wouldn't it?