Never had this happen before.

So tonight I was making corn pudding for the Banks' family Christmas over at Scott and Christie's house. Corn pudding is baked in the oven with it's dish sitting in a pan of water.

When I cracked open the oven to check on it's progress, I was met by a hot, humid heat wave. I closed my eyes tightly against the heat, but when I went to open them again, I couldn't! I began thinking to myself, "I'm blind!" I put all my energy into opening my eyes...

Finally I got them open, but my lids were so heavy and everything felt really weird. It felt as though I was wearing fake eyelashes, as though I was in another ballet recital. I started yelling at Nate, "There's something wrong with my face!"

I touched my eyelashes and they felt really strange. And then I realized.

When I had opened the oven, the steam hit my eyes and melted my mascara. When I closed my eyes, it all melted together and started to cool again, which made it difficult to open my eyes back up. When I checked the mirror, I saw my eyelashes pointing straight up and clumped together.

Nate just sat on the couch and laughed.

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hangar52 said...

Ha! I've had that happen to me but I did not so eloquently express it. I just peeled my lashes off my forehead and wondered later, as I looked in the mirror, why I had zebra stripes up there.