As I Promised

Tree #1, 2006 era:
Now this tree was a true beauty! Many friends considered her sparse, but what do they know. :) Because of all the space between her branches, I could hang all my ornaments comfortably, knowing that each and every one of them was easily viewable. She had flare! I think she was 8.5 feet tall or so.

Tree #2, 2007 ear:
I couldn't use a picture that I took of the tree without a flash because you couldn't see the ornaments very well. Oh, well I guess you can't see them anyway, really, because there aren't very many of them. The tree is too full for many of my bigger ornaments. I don't like trees where you have to just lay the ornaments on the tree because it's too full for them to hang. This tree is right around 7/7.5 feet tall and she cost six times as much as last year's tree. Hmm.

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the mama said...

i have to say... last year's tree was definitely the winner. i'm with you in the opinion that i would much rather have a sparse noble than a full anything. i love the gaps and spaces and how the lights twinkle so much brighter and ornaments get to show off their flare between the branches as opposed to between the needles.

you guys should really go nuts next year and just get a tree that goes clear to the ceiling. how majestic would that be?!