the beach again

Nate and I took another trip to Twin Rocks recently, so here are a few pictures from that - it was probably the best weather that we've ever had while in Rockaway.

We took a scenic drive along beaches south of Tillamook, and then spent a decent amount of time in Cannon Beach.

Just another self-portrait...

This was an accident, but I don't mind it! We had shared lunch of fish and chips at Pelican Pub and Brewery in Pacific City.

This is Nate hurrying up to the pedestrian bridge to cross Highway 101 from Twin Rocks Friends Camp to the beach - it was so nice outside that we took chairs along to watch the sunset.

And here's the sunset between Twin Rocks. So clear and pretty! The next day we stopped down at the beach again and couldn't actually find the rocks...a fog had rolled in, although it burned off several hours later.

I distracted Nate from his reading...Cannon Beach, with Haystack Rock (lovely as it always is!) standing in the background.

Six-months pregnant!

We set up another couple trips to Twin Rocks, so we'll go at least two more times before the baby is born. More to come soon!

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