Rockaway & Newport Beaches

We had planned a trip to Twin Rocks Friend's Camp for the end of March about a year ago. It happened to be quite timely, following Nathaniel's due date. And during this trip we decided to explore the surrounding areas much more than ever before!

We knew that I was pregnant at this point, so we tested the limits of my endurance pretty much the whole time we were on this trip :) We hiked around and drove alot (taxing on the bladder, let me tell you; taxing on the husband, too, when one asks to stop for a bathroom every 40 minutes or so).

It snowed in the pass the day we were heading out - actually, we were nervous that we'd have to cancel the trip because both of our vehicles are 2-wheel drive. But we made it okay! Here's a picture of the pass.

We visited Newport Aquarium, so here are a few photos from that [expensive] bit of adventure.

And this is a heart warming profile of my hubby on the beach...

These next two pictures are from our stop at God's Finger, off of highway 101. Nate always feels a little trepidation when steep drop-offs are near. The first time we ever visited God's Finger together was along with several of my Ecola friends and we (my friends and I; Nate hung well back) actually went out on the point. Nate and I weren't dating then, so I pretty much just didn't listen to him when he expressed concern at the huge risk I was taking in walking out on that skinny point. This trip he held my hand tightly most of the time, and with good reason. A guy and his wife and dog went out on the point while we were admiring the view and the guy almost fell over the side - he balanced on one leg and found his center again by flailing his other extremities. Yeah, scary.

This picture is from Oswald West State Park, one of my favorite beaches. On this day, it was not so crowded with tourists, which was nice - still plenty of surfers, though.

And now Cannon Beach! I like kicking off the rough edges of sand created when Ecola River flows sharply through the beach to the ocean.

More to come soon!

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