Titles...who needs em?

This is just a general update. I don't feel like being creative with a title right now :)

The 4th was good; we celebrated with Nate's family who live across the street from Happy Valley Park. It was an awesome show! Getting out of the neighborhood was a bit ridiculous, though - that took quite awhile with all the pedestrians walking down the middle of the road. So fun.

Ricky is flying back to South Korea today - he flew in last Saturday and pretty much surprised everyone. We had about a two day warning that he was coming. It was good to see him! He'll be back in November. His flight comes in on the 29th, so he was excited about (hopefully) being there when the baby was born, but now that the due date has been moved up to the 21st, I sense that he's expecting the baby to already be born when he gets back into town. We'll see!

I went in and saw Midwife Peggy on Thursday after work. We were both surprised that I had made it three weeks without popping into her office (I made a good go of it when i fell down the stairs, but, in the end, resisted the urge). We went over the ultrasound tech's report from Tuesday and Peggy said that the tech wants us to go back in for another ultrasound because she didn't like the quality or the quantity of pictures she got of the baby's mouth and nose. I don't think we'll be going back to the hospital to do that, though - my insurance won't pay for it and neither will I. I think Peggy will try to do that ultrasound in her office when I go in next month. I'm not sure if either the tech or Peggy are worried to any extent, though. I'm not sure I asked all the right questions when I had the chance...

So that's where we're at! Sorry, no spectacular new photos. I need to take one soon, though - an updated belly shot. I'll get that on here soon :)

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