(another) UPDATE

We saw Peggy today - not too much new to tell. We sat through an unrecorded stress test (the machine and office were out of paper to print the results on). We were afraid that we'd get sent over to Portland Adventist to repeat the test, but that didn't happen, thankfully! Peggy gave us a couple birthing videos to watch, which I can't wait to do! I'm resisting, though, until Nate is able to sit down with me. Although, maybe it'd be better if I previewed them...I could then forward through the really scary parts when he watches them with me. Huh. I'll have to think about that...Suggestions?

Our girl measured just right again today, and performed well for the test. She's on a roll! We found out that she scored an 8 out 8 on the biophysical ultrasound we had done last Friday. Wahoo!

Peggy had us cancel our appointment with the perinatal specialist for November 7th, and instead schedule an ultrasound for next week at Portland Adventist. She made a good point - we're to 34 weeks now so we won't be delivering at Legacy Emmanuel, so let's have Portland Adventist monitor her growth since that's where we WILL be delivering. So the next ultrasound is on October 23rd and our next appointment with Peggy is on October 27th.

I talked with Peggy about natural inducements and she gave me permission to begin trying at 38 weeks! That's only 3.5 weeks from now...Holy crap.


Tim said...

No fastforwarding through "scary parts" for Nate, either on tape or in life! Knowledge is power, and he needs to know what you're headed into.

dutchlvr said...

I started watching the videos and I think he'll be surprised - at this point he thinks that birth is just like you see it on TLC or in movies, so I think the effort and concentration that often beat out the screaming will be a shock to him. Oh, but yes, no forwarding. I agree.