A List of 11 Things

What I miss about not being pregnant:

* Nice hair. Mine has gone totally frizzy since becoming pregnant. No nice glossy locks for this lady. But I haven't lost copious amounts of hair either, and I've heard that that's a real possibility during pregnancy also.

* Not waking up in the middle of the night because someone is hiccuping and it's shaking my whole body.

* Speaking of the middle of the night, this one is two-fold: 1) I miss sleeping through the night, but I know full well that it might be years until I'm able to do that again, and 2) I miss being able to pee more than eight drops especially when I feel like my bladder is going to burst.

* I miss sitting in my car without feeling like I'm suffocating - something about my lungs and her little feet and butt combined with the inflexibility of my car's seats crunches everything together and makes it hard to take a deep breath.

* Shaving.

* Eating more than four bites before feeling really full.

* Walking more than 100 yards before feeling exhausted.

* Not having a racing heart rate.

* Sleeping on my stomach - oh to sleep on my stomach again! Those were the days...

* Not having super sore hips. That's been a real shocker. No one warned me about the whole sore hip situation...

* And I miss my regular people clothes! I look at them in my closet every day and then resort to wearing one of the same two pairs of pants and one of the same five shirts.

So I've decided that I'm not the most wonderful pregnant lady in the world - you know, one of those crazies who could be pregnant every day for the rest of her life...I'm so excited to meet our girl, and I'm incredibly grateful to not be sick anymore, but I don't see pregnancy as my life-long calling. I'll have to learn to be okay with it, I guess, if I plan on having four kids, though...


Elizabeth said...

Shaving? Oh yes, I remember the hip pain. I'm not a lifer either; pregnancy is a means to an end. (-:

Tyler's Mom said...

I told you I didn't really care for being pregnant...not my calling either! That being said, the outcome is so worth it and I can't wait to do it again!!! Even though it was the longest, sickest, most miserable nine months of my life!

*FARMERS* said...

haha! i found lots of humor in this blog :) you are almost there...you can do it!! but i know what you mean there are some women who say they have never been happier than when they are prego....interesting :)

the mama said...

les... i've never been happier than when i was pregnant. at least i've never been happier about my body and how i felt in my own skin. it was as if i had discovered my body's purpose in life.

dutchlvr said...

mama, everyone has always known that you'd make an amazing pregnant lady. no surprise there! you are pretty much one of the only women i've ever known who has as happy as you were to be pregnant.

it gave me a false sense of hope :)