Family Shower

This past Saturday (October 25th) was what I like to call the family shower. Several of my aunts (Nancy, Suzi, and Susan) worked together to organize the shower with the help of my mom, Karina, Cherol, and Jennifer.

It was so great! They really hit the nest theme from our baby's room, so that was fun. And the food was tasty - I wish I'd had more to eat while I was there, but there were so many people to talk to, some I hadn't seen in nearly 1.5 years. But, I will say that the cheesecake met Nate's approval (we shared a couple pieces that I brought home).

Okay, so here are some shower pictures. These first two are from when I got bored at home and so I dropped in at Mom and Dad's to hang out and see what was going on the morning of the shower. Jennifer is exhausted and I think even creatively maxed out. And then there's Karina...

I couldn't resist including this picture of Dakota - I just think she's pretty!

Oh, this is a 36 week/9 month picture! It's silly, though. I was trying on one of Karina's dresses and it didn't quite fit, so it looks a little odd. You can really see my belly, though...

This is a picture to compare with the last one. I took this on Nate's computer the other day (when we hit 37 weeks).

Cherol lost a charm from her bracelet down the toilet, so here she is trying to get it out. It took Dad and a well-chewed piece of gum to finally get the charm.

Mom and Suzi totally dressed the same when it came time to leave the house. I'm pretty sure it wasn't entirely intentional...I think so anyway, but you never know!

Mom really wanted to wear this necklace with a faulty latch, so Karina had to use her fingers and teeth to bend the metal to secure the necklace.

This diaper cake was made by Jennifer - I thought it was so cool! Suzi planted this sign right in front of it...

Rae Ann made the baby's mobile. She used scraps of Grandma B.'s material (most of which I totally recognized from my childhood) and some from Suzi and made birds, which she hooked to a crooked willow branch. It was so creative, and it ties the entire baby room together.

These last few pictures are of some of the people from the shower. This was just before the shower technically started (6:30pm). More people came in as time went on, so there are quite a few faces missing from these pictures.

But thank you so much to all of you who helped put the shower on, and to all of you who came! It was a real blessing on Nate and I and we feel so much more prepared for our little girl.

Speaking of our girl, my next appointment with Peggy is on Monday, and she'll be checking to see how dilated I am. She would like to see us at 3cm. Holy crap! I've been contracting more and more frequently and pretty hard, to tell the truth, so I can't wait to find out where we're at come Monday. Just watch, though - I'll only be like 1cm. I guess I'll have to wait to see...


hangar52 said...

Great pics! Love the one of Cherol digging in the pot! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Hey You Guys,

I keep waiting for you to come into FBP. I ask Peggy about you everytime I see her. Can't wait to see the little darlin' Banks girl and make sure she is cute. :)

You look so cute pregnant (and trust me, not everyone does!!)

I will keep my name guesses to myself but Lorrie is a very nice name. :) :)

Praying for a smooth delivery,
Lorrie Leno