I had the nicest pedicure last night! It was so relaxing...but it didn't start my labor at all. Which is fine! Apparently our girl is quite comfy where she's at.

At our appointment on Monday, Peggy checked to see if we had dilated at all - and we hadn't, so we know that it'll be a little while longer until something significant happens - you know, like birth. We were actually grateful for a little more time! Nate and I are enjoying these last days or weeks of it just being the two of us. We're trying to really utilize our time together.

So this weekend I'm hitting high gear and working toward cleaning up the loft and the bed nook so that I feel like the house is somewhat more organized and ready for our girl. Never fear - Peggy lifted my restrictions quite a bit so I'm not breaking any rules!

We have another appointment with Peggy on Monday. We'll check to see if I'm dilated again and we'll sit through another stress test. I'll let you know more after that appointment. Oh, and the season of birth has begun - there are about six friends of mine who are also pregnant right around the same time and two have already given birth, one is about to pop (love you, Lins!). It's crazy!


Jeff & Necia said...

Thanks for keeping us updated! I have been eager to hear how things are going.... Hang in there! :o)

Aunt Susan B. said...

Hmmm, "in high gear" "cleaning" "organizing"..... sounds like the nesting instinct to me. Very soon.