We saw Peggy yesterday and we've got at least another week before this baby is even close to coming. We're still not dilated at this point, but if we are next week, she'll strip the membrane so that, if she's ready, our girl will come. I have mixed feelings about it - I want her to come, to finally have her at my fingertips, but at the same time I'm enjoying these last days of just Nate and I. I feel content still, not anxious, which I think is a blessing!

I'll update you on her status again by at least next Tuesday, after our next appointment with Peggy.


rae ann said...

why strip them next week? your due date isn't for a week and a half, right? i always thought that was something they waited to do until you exceeded your due date...

crazy sister here... i know.

*FARMERS* said...

i am so proud of you! you are doing so good at not getting to anxious...linsea and i were saying how happy we are for you :) did lins tell you she just had hers stripped?? fun times ;) i can't wait to hold her either, but i am still glad that she is safe and happy in your tummy for now!! :)