A Running List of Name Guesses *Some new guesses added*

[I'm going to keep moving this post up on the blog until Baby Girl Banks is born, so be sure to check just below it to make sure you've read new posts as well and aren't missing out on anything.]

* Meredith (Dad's guess, along with the next four names)
* Stacy Lynn Michelle Banks
* Dynette Mehem Banks
* Sticky Behind Banks
* Naked Baby Banks (so close, Dad, so close...)
* Delilah (cousin Jenni's guess)
* Heidi Elizabeth (Mom's guess)
* Lindsay Elizabeth (Ricky and Tiffany's guess)
* McKenzie (Rebekah's guess)
* Rae Ann ::snicker:: (Rae Ann's guess)
* Sydney Michelle
* Kendra Madeline
* Hailey Marie
* Riley Claire (the last four are due to Katie - whew!)
* Heidi Rae (Rae Ann's guess)
* middle name Elaine (Rae Ann again)
* Mary Ann
* Heidi Lynn
* Natalie Marie (the last three from Jennifer Powell...'cause I do, I like you best!)
* Natalie Michelle Banks (Aunt Susan B.'s guess)


Rebekah said...

I saw McKenzie in there, too. So many possibilities!

rae ann said...

ROBIN. you have to tell us if there are extra letters and if each letter can be used more than once. it's not a fair game if you don't disclose the *rules.*

i have a notebook out with the letters crossed, circled and scribbled over many, many times. i'm working really hard to figure this out. however, i desperately need *rules!*

p.s. mom took my first guess.

rae ann said...

... and no editing posts. even though that's your chosen career path, it really confuses your blog readers. if you're going to edit, you have to do it in a new post.

i just saw your edit.

rae ann said...

HEY! i see MY name in there! she's being named after me, isn't she?!


Stephen said...

Well, I was going to say Soda. But there aren't any "o"s.

rae ann said...

heidi RAE!

::snicker, again::

rae ann said...

elaine's the middle name... has to be. unless of course it's rae... which would be AWESOME.


Aunt Susan B. said...

My guess is Natalie Michelle.

Aunt Susan B. said...

I'll bet your just using this game for ideas, aren't you? You don't really have a name picked out, do you? HA HA, I knew it.

Aunt Susan B. said...

I just re-read that blog post and realized it's 2 first names and a middle name, I think? Well, I can't come up with anything interesting so,... Natalie Anne Michelle Banks