Breitenbush Camping

Well, I'm packing us up today (yeah, that's right, I'm doing it now) to head to Magone for ten days. Blogging is part of my departure preparations, don'tcha know. I finally had an opportunity to upload the pictures of our trip to Breitenbush with Nate's family. Our joint camera card was full, so I took a couple pictures on another card, which maxed out at three photos. I was so bummed. Okay, so here are the three pictures I took.

We stayed in a campsite across from Rick, Karen, Ricky, and Stephen. Our site was suited for twelve people, three tents, and three cars. It was huge, but very private. Hazel did well, for the most part. She didn't go back down for her usual morning nap which generally takes place immediately after she wakes up around 7am and then has a bottle. At home, she'll sleep from 7:30 to 9:30am, or even as late as 10am. Not camping, though - there was no chance once the sun came up.

I kept a thick comforter over her play pen to keep it dark and help her get some extra sleep, but I wanted her to breath, too, so I had a corner pulled back to let fresh air in. On our second morning I woke up to her quiet chatter as she watched me through the mesh side of the play pen. As soon as I opened my eyes, she squealed.

We were only able to stay a couple days at Breitenbush. Nate and I had intended to leave the house Friday around 5pm, in time to set up camp and make dinner with his family, but we didn't leave our driveway until 9pm. We had camp set up and were in bed by 1:30am Saturday morning. Hazel slept horribly that first night, crying at any noise, which was really lame because Nate decided to snore that night. He never snores. Ever. Nate also forgot he was sleeping on an air mattress, so I either had him in my space or I was falling of the bed with his quick movements.

Saturday was fun. We didn't do too much, though. We were up and about by 7am; Stephen was the first to rise from the other site, and he came wandering over at about 10:30am. Karen and Rick got up sometime after 11am, and Ricky might have slept all day if we'd let him! Stephen and I set Hazel on him to finally wake him up around noon.

We took off on Sunday by about 12:30pm, so the trip was short but it was good practice for Magone. I can hardly wait to get to the lake! It's been two years since the last time we were there - bed rest fouled up last year's plans. I'm nervous about keeping Hazel warm, though. It's been known to snow during the night up at Magone. Hazel's suitcase is bursting with all of my clothing options for her. She'll be sleeping in two layers and a thick swaddler at night, plus two pairs of socks, a hat, and gloves. Changing a diaper during the night will be interesting, I'll just say that. Wish me luck!

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