Mmm, coffee.

We love love love our Cuisinart coffee maker. Nate's uncle bought it for us when we got married and we've never regretted registering for it.

Well, Nate bought an espresso machine yesterday. He did alot of research before picking out the one he wanted. It's by DeLonghi (EC155 model). It's sitting on my kitchen counter staring at me, waiting to be plugged in and used. I'm not in any rush. I still love my afternoon coffee and cream - I relish the time I get to sit and sip while watching Hazel play. Straight espresso is more about expediency to me.

Nate sure was cute with his buy, though. As excited as a little school boy...

DeLonghi is a good brand, so as much as I'm attached to my afternoon cup of delight, I do look forward to sampling the espresso from the DeLonghi. Who knows, maybe this change is good!

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