Going Back A Ways

I mentioned months ago that I would post some pictures of our move and the house. It's old news now, so I won't say much but I'll post pictures. The pictures of our house are from not that long ago - Rae Ann and Julia came over to talk Mary Kay, so I took advantage of a clean house to snap some photos.

The day we moved it was frigid outside. One of the first things Nate and I bought when we knew we'd be moving into this house was a space heater. Our first night here, we sat in the family room with the space heater aimed at our feet. We didn't have enough oil in the furnace to run it (good thing, too, since there were some serious problems with the heating ducts - they were in such bad shape, carbon monoxide could have easily seeped through into the house), and we didn't have any firewood yet, so we sat and huddled together for as long as we could stand until it was time for bed.

We set the space heater up in our room and everyone went to bed, Hazel in her little bassinet next to my side of the bed. I woke up several times during the night way too hot and with a pounding headache. We set the space heater too high and it heated up the room nicely, but too much. And Nate had finished the wood floors maybe 3 days before we moved in, so the heat was drawing out some leftover fumes. We spent the next week with my parents at their house, let's just say.


*FARMERS* said...

ok fine! i will try to work on cleaning our house so i can post house pics too! ;)

rae ann said...

'bout time, les.