She Eats Food

I make nearly all of Hazel's food (she's done breastfeeding so she takes formula a couple times a day and every now and then I'm totally unprepared or lazy so she'll have a container of pre-made baby food).

I've really enjoyed pairing random fruits or veggies to find palatable concoctions. This summer I stopped at a nearby fruit stand often to find berries to go with apricots, apples, pears, bananas, or mangoes. I freeze her food in trays and then defrost the amount I want when it's mealtime.

My freezer is fairly stocked now, between her foods (in ice trays and freezer bags) and jam that I've made. I try to cook it all in batches but there are times when the fruit is just better made right before her meal (bananas, for instance).

This morning I prepped two pears to combine with cottage cheese. She had some for breakfast, and then surprised me by finishing off the rest at lunchtime. She ate an entire pear per meal, and that's not mentioning the yams, beef, and broccoli she also had at lunchtime!

Here is a list of the foods she's had so far in her short life:
Carrots (Maybe has an allergy...still trying to figure that out)
Sweet potatoes
Butternut squash (LOVES)
Acorn squash
Spaghetti squash
Marion berries
Cottage cheese
Egg yolk
Prune juice
Orange juice (way watered down - just trying to get some water in her system)

I know I'm missing some veggies, but I think I covered all the fruits. She likes most things; if she doesn't have a taste for something, she usually just lets it fall out of her mouth (like peas...and water - can't stand it). Cottage cheese was a different story the first time I tried that out on her. She spit and spat until she got every kernel from her mouth. Absolutely hated the stuff until I mixed it with fruit.

She's a good eater! She's finally figuring out how to use her fingers to pick food up off the table - and her grip is definitely improving, which has come with stregthening her right shoulder, wrist, and hand during physical therapy.

Speaking of all this food, I'm starving now.

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