Good times. Seriously.

Holy crap, it's been almost a month since my last post. I knew I was bad, but THAT bad, my goodness...My apologies, friends.

My computer is having a communication breakdown with me. It's disconnecting from itself in odd ways. I opened iTunes the other day and I no longer had any music. I checked my library and it was all there, but my computer wasn't reading that information. And then I restarted my computer and all of my personal preferences (like the desktop) were forgotten/undone. It's been lovely. I've been working to back-up all my information so that I can either perform a disc repair or clean the hard drive. I'm so excited.

Hazel is just about 9.5 months. That's weird! She's getting closer and closer to crawling, so we're working on that every day. The best I can do is get her interested in crawling (which is what we had to do for rolling - she really had to want it).

We went on a camping trip with Nate's family this past weekend to Breitenbush so I'm going to post about that really soon. Once again, Nate has the camera with all the pictures!

I found some other pictures ("long lost") on Nate's computer that I'd love to post, so I'll do that tomorrow during her nap. She's hollering at me right now, so I'd best go find out what's up with the bub.

Did you know it's almost Fall?

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