Easter 2009

Another batch of forgotten photos! I took some time the other day to browse through the amazing number of picture folders on Nate's desktop, and I found some jewels. This quick post is from Easter 2009, at Mom and Dad's house with Rae Ann, Tom, Stella, and Ivy. A couple days after Easter, we all spent some time at the Hangar, so a few pictures from that are on here, too.

Mom put together baskets for Stella and Ivy, and was a crazy enough grandma to put chicks in them. The girls were tickled pink. Mom kept the chicks in her pen with the other "grown up" chickens after Easter so that they wouldn't be lonely and the girls could visit them at any time.

The ever creative Rae Ann stitched together a very sweet bunny for Hazel's basket.

And these are from Hangar 52. I love my little family.

Micah Echo is in the background...

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