Life of Hazel

I met with a friend from Trinity Western in Portland today and I realized how much of my life is all about Hazel. I think the shift from self absorption to sacrifice is important, although it's a fine balancing act between being a good mother and being a consumed mother. I love our daily routines, but I find it hard to explain to someone who is on a completely different path for their life. Especially when I could have easily taken the same path my that friend is currently on.

I love Miss B, and since you keep coming back to my blog, friends, I'm assuming you have a special fondness for her in your heart also. I'm counting on those feelings of niceness since this post is all about her.

Crib Friends: a heart-monitor bear, her Easter bunny, and a bear from Korea, gifted by Tiffany and Uncle Ricky. I lowered her mattress just the other day when I caught her standing up in her crib. A new phase of life is upon us!

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*FARMERS* said...

so so precious, it made me cry! :( miss you guys!
love you hazel! (and rob & nate ;)