The park, the park, going to the park.

Hazel and I hung out with Linsea, Jacob, and Lucy the other day, and we visited a nearby park while we were at their house. Linsea wanted to try out her new carrier with Lucy, so Hazel rode in the double-stroller with Jake on the way over. Jake didn't know what to do with Hazel, as she's not his little sister, and a total stranger to boot, so he kept pushing off her hand whenever it would cross the middle line, which it did often. Hazel, as her very tactile self, wanted to touch Jake. Hey, he was sitting close so why not!

We didn't get to stay long at the playground. Hazel and I swung for about five minutes before we had to head back.

On the walk back, Hazel and Lucy rode together in the double-stroller and they were in heaven. It was a blast to watch them interact, playing peek-a-boo and touching each other's hands and giggling. Such girly girls!

It's always fun spending time with Linsea and the kids! I'm totally content with where Hazel is at in her physical development. She's rolling and sitting up, but not quite crawling. She's showing more interest in it, definitely, but I'm happy that she still stays pretty much put in place when I set her down and walk away for a minute. I'm not ready for her to be totally mobile yet, and that was confirmed with me when Lucy began pulling herself up and taking steps while we were over there. Linsea now has two kids walking, one at 2 years and 2 months, the other at 9 months. Good luck, Lins. God be with you.


*FARMERS* said...

haha that is so funny! jake cracks me up :) seriously some of the most darling children (hey i may be a little biased! ;o) miss you friend!

Elizabeth said...

I hear ya! I've got a 26 month old and an 11 month old both walking around my house and it is crazy! Oh for the days when they stayed where I put them. :)